Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

Giving thanks

Nonprofit offers clean water to Bay Area homeless kids


Our Kids Sake

KRON San Francisco

To most people, a glass of filtered, fresh water requires only a walk to the sink or refrigerator. But there are others who aren't so fortunate. For many Bay Area homeless adults and children, a glass of clean water is a luxury. To help fix the problem, Bay Area resident Amity Eliaz is installing water filtration systems in shelters across California. Eliaz is the founder of Our Kids Sake Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports homeless children.


Oil wastewater pits face scrutiny from all sides

KBAK Bakersfield

After going largely unnoticed for decades, state water quality regulators are setting their focus on a common practice in oil production — wastewater ponds. In an inventory completed this November, staff at the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board found 1,074 wastewater ponds. Of those, 716 are still active, though 182 were designated as "unregulated."


Record-setting Pacific algae bloom on the decline

KPCC Public Radio

A record-breaking harmful algal bloom that for months stretched from Santa Barbara into Alaska and dumped deadly neurotoxin into the ocean appears to be in decline, according to a government researcher. Satellite imaging indicates an overall reduction of off-shore chlorophyll, of which the toxin-producing pseudo-nitzschia species of algae contributed a large part.

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