Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015

Right to water

Why solving state's water woes will take more than rain

Allocating California's Water: Directions for Reform. PPIC


KQED San Francisco

California is finally getting some rain — and there's been enough snow in the Sierra already for some ski resorts to open early. But the impact of California's drought will be around for a while, and a long-term solution to the state's water problems will require a lot more than just one winter of rain and snow. A new Public Policy Institute of California report urges the state to address perhaps its most fundamental water challenge.


Tulare residents caught in middle of water battle

KFSN Fresno

For months, Porterville has been providing water to Tulare County, allowing trucks to haul water from the west side to people on the east side. Plans changed for a new well the city was hoping to tap into and the deal fell apart. Now, a line has been drawn. The city is on one side, Tulare County is on the other and residents are caught in the middle.


UCLA team removes water pollutants safer, faster

University of California

A team of researchers from the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA has found a new way to use enzymes to remove pollutants from water that is cost- and energy-efficient, able to remove multiple pollutants at once, and minimizes risks to public health and the environment.

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