Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016

Close, but 'no'

Voters narrowly reject Proposition 53 and future votes on big infrastructure projects, like Delta water tunnels

California's high-speed rail project officially broke ground in January 2015. LUIS SINCO / Los Angeles Times

LA Times

Los Angeles Times & Sacramento Bee

Proposition 53, an effort that sought to force statewide votes to fund a major water project and the future of high-speed rail, failed in a late count of ballots Tuesday. The measure trailed by more than 200,000 votes, or 49% to 51%, when the AP called the race after two weeks of counting late-arriving ballots.


New plant to provide 2nd water source in south OC

Orange County Register

Hoping to create another water source in south Orange County, five water districts have partnered to fund and build a $107 million treatment plant that will provide drinking water for most of the region beginning next year.


How city trucks in Manteca may run on food waste

Treatment Plant Operator

Removing food from solid waste streams to preserve landfill space is nothing new, but one utility has plans to turn that waste into a big cost benefit. In a few years, if plans in Manteca bear fruit, city trucks will be essentially running on food — more specifically, methane generated from anaerobic digestion of food waste.

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