Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017

Holster that hose

State wants a permanent crackdown on wasting water

California may make hosing off your driveway a permanent "prohibited" practice. KFSN Fresno


KCRA Sacramento & KFSN Fresno

California is looking to crack down on water wasters and make saving water a way of life — no matter how much it rains. The state's emergency regulations expire Sunday — and that means no state enforcement until new rules can be put in place. The State Water Resources Control Board said Tuesday that it wants to make those restrictions permanent. It is considering a number of regulations that could impact how and when you use water.


Tough choices ahead for L.A. River renaissance

Water Deeply

Everyone knows the Los Angeles River. Even if it’s not part of your neighborhood, the concrete-lined channel is familiar worldwide, because nothing else in the movies or television better depicts “urban wasteland” than this drain. But soon this stark, 51-mile waterway may symbolize something else: tough choices amid water scarcity. A new UCLA report puts the conflict in stark terms.


Engineers model the California reservoir network

For the first time, engineers at Caltech have developed an empirical statewide model of the California reservoir network. The model was built from data gathered over a 13-year period that includes the latest drought, allowing researchers to make observations about how 55 of the state's major reservoirs respond to a variety of external conditions as a unified system.