Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016

Water & storage

Assembly hearing examines progress on Proposition 1

Specifically, the committee examined the progress made in developing regulations for quantifying the public benefits of water storage projects that are to be funded by Proposition 1's $2.7 billion in bond funding, as passed by California voters in November 2014. ACWA


ACWA & Maven's Notebook

The Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee conducted an informational oversight hearing Monday at the state Capitol to examine the progress made in developing the regulations for the Water Storage Investment Program as outlined in Proposition 1. A new public comment period opened today and will extend until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7.


New app helps boost stormwater management

Water Deeply

Most companies want to comply with environmental regulations, but it's not always easy, says Allie Janoch. That's why she and Ryan Janoch founded Mapistry, one of several new startups spearheading innovation in California's water sector.


Ninth-grader develops water-saving pods for seeds

Science News for Students

Times are dry here. Cynthia Chen, 14, wondered what she could do to help. After doing a little background research, she found out that 80 percent of the water people use in California goes to farming. So the San Jose ninth-grader decided to attack the problem by building a water-saving seed pod that keeps seeds moist until they sprout.

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