Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

Danger endures

In wine country, the fight shifts from fires to mudslides

A chimney is all that remains of a home on Atlas Peak Road that was destroyed in the Atlas Fire. Experts are now looking at the prospect that debris from the wildfires could flow into waterways. J.L. SOUSA / Napa Valley Register


Napa Valley Register

In the wake of October’s fires, attention has turned to recovery efforts with an emphasis on protecting the region’s water supply. With hundreds of square miles littered with trees and stripped of vegetation, mudslides are a certainty as winter rains arrive. What makes the situation particularly dire is the large number of roads, buildings and even neighborhoods that sit in the potential path of the looming dirt and debris.


Water testing still in progress at CSU Long Beach

Long Beach Press-Telegram

Water testing at Cal State Long Beach has yet to be completed following recent tests showing the presence of lead in water dispensed from drinking fountains inside a campus building. As of Monday, the McIntosh Humanities Building is the only one where campus officials have confirmed the presence of lead, but all unfiltered drinking fountains remain out of service.


U.S. government releases global water strategy

Circle of Blue

To coordinate its response to floods, droughts, disease, and other water challenges whose political and economic consequences leap borders, the Trump administration has submitted the federal government’s first global water strategy. Ordered by Congress in 2014, the strategy lays out four goals.