Friday, Nov. 20, 2015

Gathering storm

Massive El Niño gains strength; odds rise that winter storms will likely drench key California drought zone

The stage is set for a strong El Niño event this winter, but experts are cautioning that heavy rain and even flooding in some parts of the state will not necessarily end California's four-year drought. ACWA


Los Angeles Times & San Francisco Chronicle

One of the most powerful El Niños on record continues gathering strength and is looking increasingly likely to bring heavy rains to key Northern California areas, according to a new forecast. After four years of drought, nearly all of California is likely to see at least some relief this winter, federal climate experts said Thursday, offering a first real message of hope for the bone-dry state.


Valley board approves flood gate for Smith Canal

Stockton Record

A local flood-control board agreed Thursday to build a $29 million wall and gate across the mouth of Smith Canal, overruling objections from nearby landowners while also addressing new concerns about whether the project will remove all of the surrounding property owners from a high-risk flood zone.


Teens learn about wildlands, work to restore them

Merced Sun-Star

Students from Pacheco High School worked Thursday on a restoration project near Los Banos as part of a program that promotes healthy relationships among nature, agriculture and society. This year's SLEWS Program — Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship Program — connects students and farmers with a main goal: restoring wildlands.

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