Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Landmark plan

San Diego OKs purifying sewage into drinking water

Water is pumped through microfiltration membrane filtration modules (tubes) at the Advanced Water Purification Facility in University City at the city of San Diego's North City Water Reclamation Plant, the first step to making the water comparable as pure distilled water in quality. HOWARD LIPIN/San Diego Union-Tribune


San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego took a bold step toward greater water independence Tuesday when the city council unanimously approved plans to recycle sewage into drinking water. Supporters hope the project — called Pure Water San Diego — will result in recycling enough purified water to account for 30 percent of San Diego's drinking water needs by 2035.


Talks on drought bill under way on Capitol Hill


California's water future is boiling below the surface this week. Only the chosen few have a clue about details. Capitol Hill doors are shut, congressional timetables are opaque and negotiators are strictly mum. The coming days, though, could be crucial.


Why natural conservation matters for urban water

Mother Nature Network

The Nature Conservancy's Urban Water Blueprint details how natural conservation methods in key watershed areas can improve water quality in more than 500 global cities. The report includes a fascinating interactive website that details the state of 2,000 water-supplying ecosystems.

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