Friday, Nov. 17, 2017

Next wave

One of the first projects in Los Angeles County designed to capture stormwater is being built in Long Beach

The Los Cerritos Channel Sub Basin 4 Stormwater Capture Project, one of the largest in Los Angeles County, nears completion at its Long Beach Airport location. LEO JARZOMB / San Gabriel Valley Tribune

SGV Tribune

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The thousands of miles of concrete channels diverting street water from the San Gabriel and Los Angeles rivers represent the last major water project in Los Angeles County, built almost 100 years ago. Thursday, officials showed off the second wave of street water projects that elevate what is essentially water pollution into a drinkable water source.


Design teams ‘float’ some big ideas for rising seas

KQED San Francisco

After months of study, 10 carefully-picked design teams are unveiling their first ideas for giving the Bay Area a makeover to cope with rising sea levels. It’s the latest phase of the Resilient by Design challenge, which aims for nothing less than the remaking of waterfront communities with forward-looking design.


Tahoe Fund seeks solutions to basin challenges

Sierra Sun

The Tahoe Fund has worked to help support numerous projects across the Tahoe Basin since its founding in 2010. In its next step toward improving Lake Tahoe's environment, the Tahoe Fund has opened its annual online project submission portal for endeavors that will help solve environmental challenges facing the area.