Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

New era

As California enters its fifth year of drought, Gov. Brown extends his executive order to reduce water use by 25%

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Save Our Water

Christian Science Monitor & San Jose Mercury News

Gov. Jerry Brown prepared Californians to enter a fifth year of an interminable drought on Friday by extending an executive order that mandated a 25 percent reduction in water use across the state. Even when the drought ends, many of the water conservation rules put in place this year to cope with the emergency may be here to stay.


California strives to keep its drought mentality

Los Angeles Times

Californians have taken up the call to reduce water use during the drought, including pulling out lawns and using more water-efficient appliances in their homes. Officials want that "drought mentality" to continue as a major El Niño approaches.


3 states work to share the Colorado River's waters

San Diego Union-Tribune

California, Arizona and Nevada have quarreled and litigated over Colorado River water for many decades. Now, the states are slowly moving to a new model of cooperation. Once rare water shortages have become seemingly perpetual, posing a common danger. So instead of fighting to secure the most water for themselves, the states are increasingly focused on conserving water.

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