Monday, Nov. 14, 2016

Bold roadmap

A new report offers a framework for restoring the Delta

A Delta Renewed: A Guide to Science-Based Ecological Restoration in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. SFEI


Water Deeply & San Francisco Estuary Institute

A new report from the San Francisco Estuary Institute Aquatic Science Center helps to provide a roadmap that can aid local communities in efforts to restore the ecology of the Delta, while maintaining its economic and cultural values. "A Delta Renewed" is the third of three landmark Delta science studies released by SFEI, in cooperation with state agencies and Delta organizations.


Is Sites Reservoir a savior for Sacramento Valley?

Sacramento Bee

An hour north of Sacramento, in a ghost town tucked into a remote mountain valley, California is poised to build a massive new water project. Sites Reservoir, all $4.4 billion of it, represents an about-face in a state where drought has become the norm and water users are told to scrimp and save. But Sites is far from a done deal.


Reservoir that supplies county water nearly empty

Washington Post

Lake Cachuma, a giant reservoir built to hold Santa Barbara County's drinking water, has all but vanished in California's historic drought. It reached an all-time low this summer — 7 percent capacity, which left a thick beige watermark that circles the hills framing the lake like an enormous bathtub ring.

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