Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Farm vs. city

State's landmark water-sharing deal may be crumbling

An irrigation canal and farmland within the Palo Verde Irrigation District, which holds the highest-priority rights to Colorado River water in California. MWD


Water Deeply

One of the nation's most successful partnerships between farm and urban water agencies has lately run into serious turbulence, potentially threatening an important Colorado River water-sharing deal. It was a promising alternative to the so-called "buy and dry" deals that have taken farmland out of production permanently in parts of the West. But now, tension is humming along a canal between Blythe and Los Angeles.


New PPIC reports suggest healthy water reforms

Public Policy Institute of California

Despite decades of effort, many of California’s freshwater species are in decline. Controversy over water for the environment remains high. Two new reports from the Public Policy Institute of California lay out possible reforms that would reduce conflict and improve our freshwater ecosystems.


Instagram crowds may be loving nature to death


You scroll through your friend's Instagram feed and see the most beautiful setting, and think: "I want to go there." And so you do. According to travel photographer Brent Knepper, you are part of the problem. Knepper says that thanks to the photo sharing app, some of the best-kept secrets of the natural world are drawing big crowds and literally altering the landscape.