Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

Tech barriers

State regs cramp innovation that may solve water crisis

The Investigative Unit found entrepreneurs with proven solutions, many based in Silicon Valley, that are shipping their technology overseas because they can't get any traction in California. KNTV San Jose


KNTV San Jose

A three-month investigation into California's water crisis found several Silicon Valley technology companies and venture capitalists are ready to design, produce and manufacture innovative high-tech solutions to the drought. But the NBC Bay Area investigation also discovered that California's labyrinth of rules, regulations and the multiple agencies that oversee water policy have become serious barriers.


El Niño's here — it'll be 'one storm after another'

Los Angeles Times & San Jose Mercury News

The strong El Niño in the Pacific Ocean is becoming even more powerful, setting the stage for an unusually wet winter in California that could bring heavy rains by January, climate experts said Thursday. The experts still believe "that this El Niño could rank among the top three strongest episodes" on record, bringing average or above-average rains to the entire state.


Initiative shifts high-speed rail bonds to water

Capital Public Radio

Two Republican elected officials have submitted a 2016 ballot measure that would shift $8 billion in unspent high-speed rail bond funds to water storage projects. The initiative by Sen. Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) and Board of Equalization member George Runner is a direct challenge to the high-speed rail project championed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

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