Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

An inconvenient thirst

Noted scientist on a mission to protect our groundwater

"I leave Los Angeles County, and everything is brown. Then I get back to Irvine, and everything is green and lush. There is a little disconnect." RILEY KERN/OC Weekly

OC Weekly

OC Weekly

Global demand for fresh water is only going to grow, based on U.N. projections. That's one of the reasons why Jay Famiglietti is hell bent on spreading this message: We absolutely have to better manage the groundwater we have left, to do more with less. Perhaps his mission has not yet made him a household name à la Al Gore, but give him time.


For farmers, relentless drought = financial disaster

Peninsula Press

The climate is certainly part of the state's drought problem, but many farmers also blame the sharp drop-off in water projects throughout the state. "We've survived so far," Joe Muzzi of Pescadero says. "But we don't have a drop of water for the coming year. If it doesn't rain this winter we are out of business."


John Muir's legacy questioned as centennial nears

Los Angeles Times

John Muir is the patron saint of environmentalism. But now some critics are arguing that the world has changed so much in the century since his death that Muir has gone the way of wheelwrights. He is no longer relevant.

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