Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

New war on smoking

Cigarette butts pollute waterways, harm fish & wildlife

A new war on smoking. EAST BAY EXPRESS

East Bay Express

East Bay Express

Scientists and environmentalists note that cigarette butts are polluting coastal waterways and harming fish and wildlife. Will cigarette filters go the way of plastic bags? Cigarette filters are made of plastic that does not biodegrade, and discarded butts are full of toxins that have the potential to poison water and harm wildlife.


A first: Numeric limits on toxicity in L.A.'s water

LA Observed

Last week, the Los Angeles water board approved discharge permits for two water recycling plants. That's not news. But these permits were different because they contained enforceable, numeric limits for toxicity to aquatic life — a first for sewage plants in California.


Cash for Grass changing the landscape in drought


Cash for Grass, a rebate that property owners get for changing their lawns to drought-resistant foliage, is more popular than ever thanks to an increase in the amount of the rebate and having the rebates be tax-free. But even before the rebates escaped the IRS, homeowners were jumping on board.

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