Friday, Nov. 11, 2016

It'll be cool

La Niña arrives — what that means for the drought

The La Niña phenomenon is likely to bring normal to below-normal precipitation to Northern California, complicating the drought outlook. NOAA


Sacramento Bee

La Niña has arrived, bringing the possibility of a relatively dry winter. With the state entering its fifth year of drought, the National Weather Service made it official Thursday, following weeks of speculation, declaring that the country will see a weather phenomenon associated with cooler-than-average temperatures and mostly dry conditions.


Twin tunnels: City warns of harm to drinking water

Stockton Record

Gov. Jerry Brown's Delta tunnels could harm the quality of Stockton's drinking water to the extent that water rates would need to be doubled or tripled, a city official testified Thursday. But that's far from certain and wouldn't happen for decades.


Contest aims to bring ocean data into mainstream

San Diego Union-Tribune

The XPrize Foundation kicked off a $100,000 contest this week to build mobile apps from the deep pool of data that's already available on the world's oceans. The goal of the contest, called the Big Ocean Button Challenge, is to use data from government, academic and research sources to build apps that are useful in the public.

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