Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

Water rustlers

Drought is taking California back to the wild, wild West

A water faucet stands next to a field of uprooted almond trees in Firebaugh. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/Getty Images

National Journal

National Journal

Mary Madden noticed something suspicious. The water filling the tanks outside her veterinary clinic in Los Gatos was disappearing at an alarming rate. Madden checked for leaks but found none. Then she realized: Someone was stealing her water. She's not alone. Water theft has become increasingly common in California as the state suffers through its worst drought on record.


Overpopulation + drought: Now & 2,700 years ago

UC San Diego News

The Assyrian Empire once dominated the ancient Near East. At the start of the 7th century BC, it was the largest empire the Old World had seen. But before the century was out, it had collapsed. Why? A study offers two new factors as possible contributors to the empire's sudden demise — overpopulation and drought.


Water sector ripe for innovation and investment

Stanford University

Investors looking for promising growth markets would do well to consider their water bill. Water's artificially low price is one factor holding back innovative new water technologies, according to The Path to Water Innovation, which recommends spurring innovation by revising pricing policies, regulatory frameworks and financing.

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