Friday, Nov. 10, 2017

Dam update

Oroville coalition says D.C. lobbying trip was a success

Crews continue placing rebar panels for the new sidewalls and structural concrete on the Lake Oroville flood control spillway. KELLY M. GROW / California Department of Water Resources


Mercury News & Los Angeles Times

Representatives for Oroville and downstream communities affected by the spillway crisis said they got the attention they were seeking in Washington this week. The group is seeking federal assistance on issues relating to the dam that they say need to be resolved. Meanwhile, new images released Thursday highlight the immensity of repairs made to the Oroville Dam spillway as seasonal rains begin to fall.


New climate forecasts for watersheds in real time

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Water managers and streamflow forecasters can now access bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal precipitation and temperature forecasts that are broken down by individual watersheds, thanks to a new research partnership. The research team has developed a new prototype prediction system that maps climate forecasts to watershed boundaries across United States in real time.


Teens tackle water waste at LEGO hydro challenge

Mercury News

The "Savage Cabbages" team from Los Gatos is headed to this weekend's First LEGO League qualification tournament, where it will participate in the league's 2017 Hydro Dynamics Challenge. The eight-member team has studied actions people can take to stop wasting cold water while waiting for hot water.