Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016

After the vote

Trump's impact will be huge in California in many areas

The Trump effect will be further extended to California through budget decisions. NICOLE CVETNIC and SOHAIL AL-JAMEA / McClatchy



Farmers from the Central Valley invested bigly in Donald Trump, and soon the president-elect could repay the debt. Lawmakers and other influential players could help steer the new administration and next year's Republican-controlled Congress in ways important to a state where only 33 percent of California voters supported the Republican ticket.


Conservation is getting a 21st-century overhaul

Water Deeply

The Freshwater Trust is leveraging technology, data and analytics to focus on "outcome-based conservation." The group's president talks about why this kind of conservation is actually about building a new sector of the economy.


Delta nutrients: Sources, sinks, sags, soups …

Maven's Notebook

Increasing clarity of waters, the emergence of harmful algal blooms, the proliferation of aquatic water weeds, and altered food webs have brought the issue of nutrient dynamics to the forefront in the Delta. Delta lead scientist Cliff Dahm discusses sources and effects of nutrients in the Delta.

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