Monday, Nov. 10, 2014

New water source

Cambria desalination plant to start operating this week

Brackish water from this pump is currently undrinkable. It will be treated at the desalination plant and reinjected into the aquifer upstream. DAVID MIDDLECAMP/San Luis Obispo Tribune

SLO Tribune

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Officials with the Cambria Community Services District plan to flip the switch Saturday on a $9 million desalination plant that will provide the community with a desperately needed new supply of drinking water. When that happens, Cambria will join an elite group of coastal communities in California that rely on purified seawater as an important part of their domestic needs.


Hydrology hypotheses: Can we make our water?

Monterey Herald

Imagine harvesting your own water — no water utility, no monthly water bill. Instead, you have equipped your home with a rain catchment system or atmospheric water generator, and connected it to your tap. Monterey will soon be a site for just such an experiment, as explained during Friday's water-conflict conference.


Sea-level rise on Humboldt Bay highest in state

Eureka Times-Standard

Climate change has been called a "long emergency," with impacts ranging from the extreme drought in California to globe-spanning disruptions of weather patterns and ecosystems for the coming decades. In Humboldt County, one of the many predicted impacts is sea-level rise. Here's a look at what the county is doing to adapt.

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