Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Quality check

Water testing for lead at Oakland, Long Beach schools

Los Angeles Unified School District plumber Daniel Wills repairs and replaces one of hundreds of old fountains found to have high levels of lead—this one at John H Francis Polytechnic Senior High in Sun Valley. NANCY PASTOR for CALmatters

San Francisco Chronicle & KPCC Pasadena

A new round of water testing began this morning at 86 public schools in Oakland after lead contamination was found in plumbing fixtures at 10 campuses in the city. The school district and the East Bay Municipal Utility District are evaluating the quality of faucets and fountainheads. Meanwhile, students at CSU Long Beach tested drinking fountains on campus and their results came back positive.


Update on Water Fix cost and benefit allocation

Maven's Notebook

The plan to allocate the costs and benefits of the California Water Fix project among State Water Project contractors begins to take shape. Are the makings of a Delta watershed-wide agreement in the works? Chris Austin takes a closer look at the October meeting.


Wastewater treatment tech market on the rise

Water Technology

The volumes of wastewater — as well as the market for industrial water treatment technologies — are expected to rise, according to a new report from U.N. World Water Assessment Programme. The report discusses water reuse as a reliable alternative source of freshwater, "shifting the paradigm of wastewater management from 'disposal' to 'reuse and resource recovery.' "