Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016

'No' leads 53

Measure on California mega-projects trailing slightly


Associated Press & KQED San Francisco

A ballot measure that could put two of Gov. Jerry Brown's legacy projects on the line was trailing slightly in late Tuesday. With more than 5 million votes counted, the "no" vote against Proposition 53 was 51.4 percent. The measure would require voter approval before launching any state project needing $2 billion or more.


Joone Lopez on next generation of water leaders

Water Deeply

If there's anything that Joone Lopez is proud of, it's her 120 co-workers at the Moulton Niguel Water District. Lopez, the district's general manager, talks about the changing face of the water industry and challenging the status quo.


Grad student earns praise for water-mapping work

UC Merced

UC Merced graduate student Lorenzo Booth's research into more efficient use of water for agriculture has earned him accolades from the American Water Resources Association for not only producing information, but presenting solutions.

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