Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016

Decision day

Legacy projects of Gov. Brown at stake in today's vote

Associated Press

Two of Gov. Brown's legacy projects are on the line today, as Californians decide whether to require a vote for any state mega-project requiring $2 billion or more in revenue bonds. If Proposition 53 is approved, plans for $64 billion in high-speed rail and $15.7 billion for two giant tunnels may have to face their own votes.


How water use declined with population growth

Water Deeply

Water use has not gone up as population increased in the last few years, contrary to popular opinion and expectations. The U.S. Geological Survey attributes this decline to water-use efficiencies. How does this impact how urban water managers are planning?


NACWA unveils new stormwater legal white paper

National Association of Clean Water Agencies

A new white paper from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies provides analysis on the types of legal issues impacting stormwater programs and presents an overview of trends that are emerging based on the outcomes of key cases.

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