Monday, Nov. 7, 2016

Winter odds

Valley farmers tighten belt for another likely dry year

Forecasters: Wet winter odds aren't good. HANFORD SENTINEL file


Hanford Sentinel

Are you dreaming of a wet winter to turn fallowed fields green? Prepare for disappointment. Forecasters are calling for a weak La Niña to last into the spring. That usually means dry conditions in Central California. Seven of the 11 weak La Nina episodes since 1950 have produced below-average precipitation.


On the Colorado, climate change is water change

Water Deeply

The Colorado River Basin is undergoing one of the worst droughts ever recorded. A team of scientists declares in a new report explaining the effects of climate change on the river that there won't be any "breakthroughs" to save us from water scarcity.


Reservoir expansion could store water for millions

Mercury News

Millions of Bay Area residents could get extra drought insurance against water shortages and quality problems from a proposed $800 million expansion of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir that may have up to 10 water suppliers as partners.

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