Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014

Who owns the water?

Thousands own the rights, making for a tricky situation

Who owns California's water? KCRA Sacramento

KCRA Sacramento

KCRA Sacramento

Is there enough water? Not if everyone with rights to the water wants it. One county has more than 1,400 people with water rights. KCRA in Sacramento found that more people have the rights to California's water than there is water to supply them. California has a complex and confusing set of water regulations.


$7.5 billion state water bond passes: Now what?

KPCC Public Radio

Gov. Jerry Brown's water bond coasted to victory Tuesday night, winning more than two "yes" votes for every "no" to fund drought resiliency programs. But that doesn't just turn on a tap somewhere. First, the state has to sell bonds to generate the cash.


Will Prop. 1 pave the way for the Delta tunnels?

Sacramento Business Journal

Success of a state water-bond ballot measure on Tuesday could help the controversial Bay Delta Conservation Plan. Or maybe not. Proposition 1, approved by voters Tuesday night, was specifically written to be "tunnel-neutral." But is it?

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