Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015

Wild pitch

McCarthy: Use high-speed rail funds to quench drought

The 210 Freeway and Sunland Boulevard intersect at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, near where tunneling for the bullet train is proposed. LUIS SINCO / Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a persistent critic of California's high-speed rail program, said that the funds should be diverted to quench the state's severe drought. McCarthy made the pitch Wednesday after the L.A. Times reported that the cost of the initial segment was 31 percent above the original estimate. But that didn't stop McCarthy from pitching a proposal that isn't likely to happen.


Solar-powered desal may be a drought solution

KGET Bakersfield

Climate change and a punishing four-year drought are forcing us to look for new sources of freshwater. Start-up companies are developing new technologies to reclaim and recycle contaminated groundwater. And one California outfit is proving how centuries-old technology can be used today to make water from the sun.


Despite rains, farmers fear no Friant-Kern water

Visalia Times-Delta

After a miserable dry winter last year, strong storms this week that brought heavy rain were a welcome change to farmers across California. But Central Valley farmers who depend on surface water delivered via the Friant-Kern Canal aren't counting on next year's water allocation to bail them out.

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