Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014

Drop by drop

State to release per-capita water use numbers today

State will require water agencies to report per-person residential water use. KESQ Palm Springs

KESQ Palm Springs

Fresno Bee / AP

Data to be released today will show per-capita water use in communities across California that are facing pressure, including the threat of fines, to cut back during the third year of a drought. The state agency tasked with monitoring conservation efforts will release per-person, per-day water use. The figures come as government officials examine where to target conservation efforts.


UC researchers focus on solutions to the drought

UC Riverside

We all know how serious this drought is. Our lawns are brown, our food prices are rising, and signs of water conservation pop up on TV shows, social media and freeway signs. UC Riverside researchers are focused on solutions, from developing drought-tolerant plants to recycling water safely.


UC scientists share award for water conservation

UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The drought has made it even more critical for growers to get the most crop per drop of water used. Scientists from the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Davis were recently honored for their years of research to help farmers better use micro-irrigation systems to sustainably irrigate their land.

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