Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

Backslide slows

State relaxes conservation rules as rain eases drought

September water savings by the numbers. DWR


Reuters & Los Angeles Times

California officials Tuesday moved to ease water conservation rules for farmers in the northern and central parts of the state, a sign that a wet fall may portend an easing of the state's five-year drought. The decision to temporarily stop requiring mostly agricultural users from detailing how much they take from key watersheds comes as new data show that conservation among urban Californians was up slightly in September.


Newsha Ajami on innovation in the water sector

Water Deeply

California helped to reinvent the energy sector, and now the drought is providing a perfect opportunity to help the state break out of its old structure for managing and funding water, says Newsha Ajami, director of Urban Water Policy at Stanford University's Water in the West program and NSF-ReNUWIt initiatives.


Swipe left for 5 of Bay Area's withering reservoirs

KNTV San Jose

California's half-full reservoirs have caught the attention of a European mapmaker. "Mainly because if California, which is such an advanced state and is the world's sixth economy, goes through such difficulties to manage its water, this should be a very serious cause for concern worldwide," said Catalin Trif, founder of an online encyclopedia of lakes. ► LAKEPEDIA

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