Monday, Oct. 31, 2016


As drought eased, Californians turned on the spigot

Size of dots correlates with degree of conservation backslide. THOMAS SUH LAUDER / Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times

The San Juan Water District showed the rest of California how to save water when the state needed the savings most. Then, the rain arrived. Regulators relaxed the rules and on went some spigots. This backslide stood out as part of a statewide trend: With mandatory restrictions lifted, the majority of local suppliers saved less this summer, according to a Times analysis of state water data.


Why tapping seawater has slowed to a trickle

KQED San Francisco

Once thought to be the wave of the future, turning seawater into drinking water is proving to be a tough sell. Desalination of ocean water has long held promise, but the dream of sticking a straw in the ocean and getting unlimited clean water by simply opening the spigot of technology — that's looking less and less likely. Here's why.


State launches California Water Data Challenge

Association of California Water Agencies

California state agencies Friday announced they are teaming with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to launch the California Water Data Challenge, a competition to develop innovative, data-based tools to help California address its ongoing drought and build a reliable, sustainable water system for the future.

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