Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015

Winter's whiplash

What El Niño could mean for California: 5 takeaways

Flood Management: Are We Ready for El Niño? – featured weather experts and government officials who described preparations for expected floods. ACWA


Sacramento Bee & ACWA

A state Senate hearing Wednesday dove into a topic on the mind of many Californians: examining how an anticipated El Niño surge of wetness could affect residents and force a pivot from drought preparedness to flood response. Although the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee hearing in Van Nuys focused on the Los Angeles area, there are some broader takeaways.


Salmon deaths could have far-reaching impact

San Francisco Chronicle & Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

One of the last wild runs of chinook salmon in California is sinking fast amid the four-year drought and now appears perilously close to oblivion after the federal agency in charge of protecting marine life documented the death of millions of young fish and eggs in the Sacramento River.


This billionaire wants to solve state's water crisis

Fortune Magazine

If rain doesn't arrive soon, speculators will start taking bets on whether California can survive what has already been a devastating four-year drought. Many hope that El Niño storms will help replenish groundwater reserves. The man behind 5-Hour Energy believes his affordable desalination technology can help.

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