Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

The way it was

Report reveals dramatic changes to Delta's ecosystem

A Delta Transformed


Central Valley Business Times

A recent study identifies the dramatic ecological transformation of the Delta over the past 150 years. Developed by a group of scientists and resource managers, "A Delta Transformed" explains the relationship between specific landscape features and ecological functions, and compares historic conditions with the present.


Farmers sue state over drought water decisions

Fresno Bee

East San Joaquin Valley growers are suing state water authorities over drought decisions, claiming east-side communities and farms got no federal water after the state illegally denied deliveries to a separate group of landowners with senior water rights.


Wildomar's wait for clean water nearing an end

Riverside Press-Enterprise

A dependable supply of clean drinking water. For most, it's news when it doesn't happen. For a neighborhood overlapping the border of Wildomar and Menifee, it will be news when it does. In the next week, the community should have untainted, potable water flowing from their taps for the first time in years.

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