Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015

Monster bash

California waits for it — what strong El Niños look like

Forecasters say this winter El Nino is about to leave a big wet but not necessarily snowy footprint on much of the United States. NOAA


Sacramento Bee

Millions are waiting to see the effects of a strong El Niño, hoping that it brings a significant amount of rain and snow to California. But many forecasters have spent months offering mixed signals about this winter's potential for heavy precipitation, particularly in Northern California. One NASA climate expert chided his colleagues for being too tentative. "It's a monster," he said of this El Niño.


California lifts restrictions on senior water rights

Sacramento Bee

California water regulators on Tuesday lifted restrictions for the holders of hundreds of senior water rights who were ordered to stop pumping this summer. State officials say they'll continue monitoring weather forecasts and stream levels to determine whether the restrictions will be lifted for junior water rights holders.


Western ag coalition pushes for federal drought bill

Hanford Sentinel

A coalition of more than 100 farm-related organizations in the American West is urging the U.S. Senate to merge a number of drought bills into a "single, effective compromise bill." The coalition, which includes the California Farm Bureau Federation, is seeking more flexibility in environmental regulations, more funding for water storage projects and streamlined permitting processes.

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