Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014

Turf's up

Synthetic grass business booming as drought persists

Manuel Ortiz sprays Simple Green over synthetic turf at a North Hollywood residence to eliminate dog odors. ANDY HOLZMAN/San Bernardino Sun

San Bernardino Sun

San Bernardino Sun

As drought-conscious Californians look for ways to reduce water consumption, business is blooming for the synthetic turf industry. Southern California is leading the way, thanks in part to the Metropolitan Water District's lawn removal rebate program. The annual amount needed to maintain the average lawn each year is about 34,000 gallons.


Fixing Fresno's water challenges won't be cheap

Fresno Bee

A month of water debate has delivered an unsurprising message to Fresno City Hall — given their druthers, people prefer stuff to be free. But the 150 people who gathered Monday for the third of four water forums got an equally unsurprising reply: Water is the stuff of life, and it's going to cost you.


New Melones hasn't been this low in decades

KCRA Sacramento

The drought is causing low water levels at New Melones Lake, which is far below the reservoir's total capacity of 2.4 million acre-feet. The Bureau of Reclamation said the lake has not been this low in the past two decades.

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