Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015

Boosting aquifers

Almond growers join in groundwater recharge study

This vineyard near Fresno was flooded in 2011 as part of an effort to replenish the groundwater supply. KCRA Sacramento


Modesto Bee

A research project announced Monday will look at whether almond orchards can help recharge groundwater in winters when river supplies are plentiful. As part of the two-year effort, researchers will gather information from growers who have used excess surface water in wet years to replenish aquifers.


Carlsbad desal plant goes through its final steps

KPBS San Diego

The Carlsbad desalination plant is already filtering sea water and the plant is close to producing drinking water for the region. The facility could be open for business in 30 to 40 days. The plant will be the largest ocean desal facility in the western hemisphere when it opens.


UC Merced ushers in innovative water-saving ways

KFSN Fresno

UC Merced is one of the greenest campuses in the country when it comes to conserving energy, but it's also turning to technology to save water. The university must cut its water use by 25 percent, and it's well on its way.

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