Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

Put to the test

San Gabriel Valley graded on groundwater basin use

Make the Cut, Take the Challenge

SGV Water Assoc.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Nearly 1.8 million San Gabriel Valley water users are being put to the test. In an effort to shine a light on the effects of the drought, the San Gabriel Valley Water Association is tallying the amount of water drawn from wells in local groundwater basins every week, then handing out grades. So far, results have been up and down.


How state is turning drainage canals back to rivers

Los Angeles Times

Conditions have made the Santa Ana — like other Southern California rivers — a gritty anachronism, especially in a state that prides itself as an environmental leader nationwide. But now, joining a trend that began elsewhere four decades ago, the Santa Ana is catching up.


Understanding value of water is smart for business

Understanding the true value of water and pinpointing limits to growth is a growing, global trend. Companies that quantify their natural capital dependencies will benefit from a more complete picture of the most effective ways to allocate water.

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