Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

Spring forward

Huntington Beach desal plant clears a major hurdle

The Huntington Beach Desalination Plant is a 50-million gallon per day facility currently in late-stage development. POSEIDON WATER

Poseidon Water

Los Angeles Times

A proposed Huntington Beach seawater desalination plant passed a major regulatory hurdle Thursday when a marathon session at City Hall concluded with an endorsement from the California State Lands Commission. After more than four hours of public comment, the panel unanimously OK'd amendments to a 2010 environmental impact report on Poseidon Water's $1 billion project. Poseidon says the plant would produce 50 million gallons of drinkable water a day, enough for 400,000 people.


Helping water utilities reduce energy, emissions

UC Davis

During the next 3½ years, researchers at UC Davis will work with the Moulton Niguel Water District to better understand how water utilities can reduce energy use as the state works to meet its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. The California Energy Commission awarded $3.1 million to pilot-test a system to help water utilities optimize their energy use and reduce operational costs while continuing to meet customers' water needs.


'Pilots' help state's new GSAs get off the ground

Stanford University | Water in the West

Imagine trying to fly a plane while it's still being built. That's how one presenter at a recent Groundwater Resources Association meeting described the challenge that lies ahead for many newly formed agencies responsible for managing groundwater basins in California. In light of this, it would seem most efficient to have a single GSA piloting each basin's "flight" to sustainability.