Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015

Drought mission

State delegation tours Australia for water-saving ideas

Californian irrigators have been hiring fracking equipment to draw water from deep underground aquifers as the state's drought rolls into a fifth year. CLINT JASPER / ABC Rural

ABC Rural

Australian Broadcasting Corp. & Associated Press

California lawmakers are joining environmental, labor and business leaders on a trip to see how Australia managed its longest and most severe drought on record. The nine-day visit that began Monday comes as California finishes its fourth year of drought. Australia endured a 12-year drought from 1997 to 2009. Its landmark reforms are models that Californian politicians could bring home.


Drought-stressed forests face a radical shift

Los Angeles Times

Biologist Greg Asner first heard the numbers in April, but they did little to prepare him for what he saw. The Forest Service had estimated that nearly 12.5 million trees in the state's southern and central forests were dead. But as Asner peered down upon the same forests from his airplane at 6,000 feet, he saw something far worse.


For drought towns, the next challenge is growth


PART THREE: As development booms in the San Joaquin Valley, poor communities see both opportunity and heartbreak: Will the valley's growth take shape as it has historically has—spread out and uneven? Or will it be something more sustainable and just? And, crucially, where will the water come from? In the heart of the valley, Fresno County offers some indications. >> PART ONE >> PART TWO

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