Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

Going small

Brown administration willing to consider one-tunnel approach after Santa Clara Valley Water District vote

This aerial photograph from 2004 shows Bouldin Island in the foreground and Webb Tract in the background in the Sacramento River Delta. BOB PEPPING / Bay Area News Group

Bay Area News Group

Sacramento Bee & Mercury News

Silicon Valley's water district Tuesday rejected Gov. Brown's plan to build twin tunnels beneath the Delta, but said it would support a smaller, less expensive project. A top state official said the Brown administration is willing to consider such an approach. By a vote of 7-0, the Santa Clara Valley Water District chose instead to adopt a set of principles endorsing a significantly smaller, less costly project — with just one tunnel.


San Diego seeks $1.7B for ambitious water plan

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego launched its application Tuesday for $1.7 billion in low-interest state loans to pay for an ambitious plan to boost the city’s water independence by recycling treated sewage into drinking water. Seeking such loans will soften hikes in sewer and water rates city officials say will be necessary to pay for the Pure Water recycling system, which is expected to be complete by 2035.


UCLA-led research puts wildfire risk into context

UCLA Newsroom

One of the conditions that contributed to the enormous in Northern California fires was the growing variation in climate and rainfall from year to year — a trend that could portend more and larger wildfires for the foreseeable future. UCLA-led research finds that the Southwest is experiencing an unprecedented climate state in which the variations in temperature and climate have been magnified.