Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017

Sizing up

Key vote today in San Jose on Delta twin tunnels project

Today's meeting and vote will be webcast live beginning at 1 p.m. SANTA CLARA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT


Mercury News

In its most far-reaching decision in more than 50 years, Silicon Valley's largest water provider will vote today on whether to embrace or reject the $17 billion plan to build two massive tunnels under the Delta. The Santa Clara Valley Water District, based in San Jose, is considering contributing at least $620 million to the project — more than $1 billion when financing costs are included. The vote could shape whether the project is ever built or if it is reduced in size.


How North Bay fires became the state's deadliest

Water Deeply

A week after devastating wildfires scorched Northern California, the first hopeful news began to emerge that firefighters were getting many blazes under control. Cal Fire reported Monday that 14 large wildfires had destroyed more than 213,000 acres, torched 5,700 structures and taken 41 lives. So what made these fires so severe and what can communities do to protect themselves from future fires?


Researchers propose an open 'internet of water'


Where did the water coming out of your tap come from? How is it filtered and purified? How much does it cost the city and state per gallon to deliver? How can they improve that? These questions come naturally as fresh water becomes more and more valuable a resource — and we need a shared, open 'internet of water' to answer them, researchers from Duke University and the Aspen Institute say.