Friday, Oct. 16, 2015

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28 things to do to prepare for El Niño rains this season

Fix your leaks before it rains. The recent dry heat may have caused wood structures to shrink and to open up expansion joints, possibly creating leak points. GETTY IMAGES

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

If El Niño rainfall predictions are correct, this fall and winter could be the answer to drought-relief prayers. As with everything in life, however, be careful what you wish for. Here are 28 tasks to consider to better position yourself against whatever challenges El Niño may throw your way.


Drought 101: Universities' water-saving lessons

San Diego Union-Tribune

From water-hungry turf and shower-hogging young people to the weight of unrealistic landscaping expectations, San Diego's three big universities face the same drought-related issues that dog the rest of us. Here's a refresher course in drought studies.


Ways to better manage urban stormwater runoff

UC Irvine

As meteorologists monitor the El Niño condition currently gaining strength in the Pacific Ocean, Californians look with hope to the much-needed rain and snow it could yield. But if we're going to make the most of the precipitation, we need to put a LID on it.

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