Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015

Storms will reign

El Niño getting stronger, raising odds of heavy rains

California stands to receive above-normal amounts of rain from January to March because of El Niño. NOAA / LOS ANGELES TIMES


Los Angeles Times

The National Weather Service now expects El Niño to bring wetter-than-average rains to virtually all of California, forecasters said for the first time today. The new forecast is significant because it raises the chance that El Niño will send storms not only to Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area — as has already been forecast — but also to the mountains that feed California’s most important reservoirs, which fuel water for much of the entire state.


Outlook shows investment in technology critical


In the 2015 U.S. Water Industry Outlook, one of the key findings shows that investment in technology is critical for the nation's water industry as it strives to address aging infrastructure, reduce operating costs and comply with regulatory issues. The survey found overwhelming agreement that technical innovation was both a major investment opportunity for the water industry, as well as the main competitive driver.

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