Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015

Heavy on our minds

More than 3 in 4 voters call drought 'extremely serious'

Field Poll: The Drought. SACRAMENTO BEE

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

California's punishing drought has taken a firm grip on the electorate's conscience, with more than three in four voters describing the state's water shortage as extremely serious. The Field Poll, released today, shows that 76 percent of registered voters describe the drought as "extremely serious," an uptick from earlier this year. Only 18 percent say the drought is "somewhat serious."


A culture of nagging helps California save water

New York Times

Californians sharply cut water use this summer, prompting state officials to credit their new conservation policies and the sting of thousands of warnings and penalties that they had issued to people for overuse. But the most effective enforcers may be closer to home: the domestic water police.


Napa hospital pulls water savings from the air

Napa Valley Register

Among a Napa hospital's water-saving strategies during the California drought, one solution comes out of thin air – literally. On the grounds of Queen of the Valley Medical Center, sprinklers moisten lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers each night. Above, on the roof of the outpatient surgery center, is the source of that water.

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