Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017

Managing trees

Study looks at curbing wildfires in drought-killed forests

Improving the Health of California's Headwater Forests. PPIC


Water Deeply

A century of fire suppression followed by the worst drought in recorded history has put California's forest landscapes and water supply at risk. A new report by the Public Policy Institute of California proposes some different approaches to begin chipping away at the problem. It recommends changes in state law and new contracting practices, among other things. It also suggests changes in public attitudes.


Group calls for restoration of water to streams

Maui News

Saying that "sugar got what sugar needed," attorneys for a group of East Maui residents called on a state water panel to increase flow levels for streams long diverted for sugar crops. After years of legal challenges and hearings, the state Commission on Water Resource Management is on the cusp of deciding whether to adopt the stream-flow recommendations.


Modern water demands help irrigation tech thrive

California Economic Summit

Technology has changed the way farmers irrigate their crops in the Central Valley, a region that produces a quarter of the nation's food. One community college is responding by teaching students how to design and create irrigation systems, while filling a gap in the local industry's workforce.