Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

Votes of confidence

MWD pitches in $4.3 billion for Delta tunnels project

The powerful Metropolitan Water District voted Tuesday to pay its share of the $16 billion project to build two massive tunnels to pipe water from Northern California to Southern California cities. SHARON McNARY / KPCC


L.A. Times, Sac Bee, Desert Sun & Maven's Notebook

Southern California's largest water agency Tuesday approved a $4.3 billion buy-in to California WaterFix, the Delta tunnels water delivery project, while the Coachella Valley Water District's board members voted unanimously to approve a nonbinding resolution backing the project. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti came out against the project, saying he preferred just one tunnel. Here's what others had to say.


Climate could bring earlier water runoff in Sierra

UCLA Newsroom

California has taken a wild weather ride the past two years, and recent studies have projected that climate change will turn up the heat by up to 10 degrees in the Sierra Nevada mountains by the end of the century. In a new study published Tuesday, UCLA climate scientists predict that runoff could occur an average of 50 days earlier than it is now. Understanding runoff timing would allow California water managers to better plan for the future.


The challenge of preserving state's coastal legacy

The Conversation

In 1972, California launched an experiment to protect its coast. The California Coastal Act sought to protect public shoreline access, wetlands and threatened coastal habitats. Today, California's coastal management program is recognized for its success, even as the state's coast and ocean economy thrive. But new challenges loom.