Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017

Decision day

Delta water tunnels project faces critical MWD vote

The California Aqueduct runs near Mountain House sending water to Southern California as part of the State Water Project. MAZ WHITTAKER for KPCC


Updated at 3:30 p.m.

Los Angeles Daily News & KPCC Pasadena

After 11 years of planning, a massive tunnels project touted as a solution to the state's vulnerable water supply faces its biggest test today. The 38-member board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is scheduled to vote on the $17 billion California WaterFix. Tune in to watch the vote. Kern County, San Diego County and Santa Clara Valley water agencies have yet to vote on whether to join the project.


Padre Dam continues work on new water supply

San Diego Union-Tribune

The next phase of work for recycled pure drinking water by the Padre Dam Municipal Water District is moving along. The water district’s board recently approved a contract for the next phase of work on the East County Advanced Water Purification Program. Watch today's BCTV video for a closer look at the project.


Landmark plan puts floodplains back in business

Water Deeply

Something monumental happened Aug. 25 in California water management: It became official policy to reconnect the state's major rivers with their floodplains. The action clears the way for the state to embrace projects that allow floods to recharge groundwater. This could include breaching levees and creating bypass structures so rivers can inundate floodplains for the first time in a century.