Friday, Oct. 7, 2016

Exposed waters

How the drought is shrinking mountain lakes in SoCal

Docks are left exposed and unusable as lake water has receded in Big Bear Lake. RACHEL LUNA / Riverside Press-Enterprise


Riverside Press-Enterprise

Six years of drought has taken its toll on the waterfront of Big Bear Lake, the mountain community that draws visitors from throughout Southern California and beyond. The lake has lost more than half of its water volume since 2011; Lake Arrowhead has receded as well. They join water bodies like Lake Elsinore, which is also dependent on rainfall, in shrinking during the dry spell.


Effort under way to prevent salmon from straying

Woodland Daily Democrat

Yet another hazard to migratory salmon will disappear soon, when officials finish building a permanent, fish-friendly weir in the Yolo Bypass. The Wallace Weir Fish Rescue project, 4 miles northwest of Woodland near Knights Landing, will help prevent adult salmon in the Sacramento River from swimming into a drainage ditch that leads deep into farm fields where spawning is hopeless.


Ghostly, futuristic sails could offer drought relief

Business Insider

Sails are one of the earliest ways humans seized the power of wind — people were using them to move boats across the sea even before the Middle Ages. A new design aims to apply that ancient technology to modern environmental challenges, like California's drought.

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