Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

Goal to go

Gov. Brown visits L.A. to lobby for Delta water project

4 entities contribte most of the funding for WaterFix. CALIFORNIA STATE AUDITOR

CA State Auditor

Los Angeles Times

With two key California WaterFix votes looming, Gov. Jerry Brown expressed confidence Thursday that water agencies will commit to enough funding to sustain the project. "I'm just trying to put the ball over the goal line," he said between visits to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Southern California Association of Governments. MWD will vote Tuesday on a $4.3 billion buy-in; two days later, the Kern County Water Agency will take its vote.


Soil could slow global warming, research finds

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

If you want to do something about global warming, look under your feet. Managed well, soil's ability to trap carbon dioxide is potentially much greater than previously estimated, according to Stanford researchers who claim the resource could "significantly" offset increasing global emissions. They call for a reversal of federal cutbacks to research programs to learn more about this resource.


UCLA professor accepts Busch Award at WEFTEC

Water Environment & Reuse Foundation

During WEFTEC this week in Chicago, the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation awarded the 2017 Paul L. Busch Award to Shaily Mahendra, Ph.D., an associate professor at UCLA. With the $100,000 prize, Mahendra proposes to encapsulate enzymes in nanoparticle cages called vaults. Ultimately, such vaults can be a "one-stop shop" for removing a suite of water contaminants.