Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016

Losing steam

Weaker water conservation numbers prompt fears that Californians are backsliding into their old, bad habits

Californians show ongoing commitment to water conservation. ACWA


Los Angeles Times & Sacramento Bee

Californians' water conservation slipped for the third consecutive month in August, prompting new alarm from regulators about whether relaxed water restrictions may be causing residents to revert to old habits as the state enters its sixth year of severe drought. Statewide, water consumption rose by about 10 percent in August compared with 2015.


Friant water contractors sue federal government

Fresno Bee

Seventeen water districts in the San Joaquin Valley and the city of Fresno have filed a blockbuster claim for $350 million against the federal government for not delivering water to Friant Division contractors in the drought year of 2014.


Climate change will affect water management

Public Policy Institute of California

Managing water remains one of the great challenges for California. Population growth, a shifting climate, and declining ecosystem health are putting pressure on the state's water supply and flood management systems. New policies are needed to address these challenges. This latest briefing kit highlights some of the most pressing issues.

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