Monday, Oct. 5, 2015

Clock's ticking

Senate panel to debate long-awaited drought measures

For lawmakers eager to put legislative fixes in place before the winter rainy season begins, the clock is ticking. ALLIANCE FOR WATER EFFICIENCY


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After months of quiet backroom discussions, efforts to pass Western drought legislation are getting ready for prime time. Thursday, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a long-awaited legislative hearing on the two lead California-specific relief measures, as well as several other bills dealing with Western water issues.


Drought revives a river — and a poignant history

KQED San Francisco

California's relentless four-year drought has had some unexpected consequences. It's uncovered lost bits of history — ancient petroglyphs and remnants of mining towns at the bottom of reservoirs. And in the canyons of the Sierra foothills, the legendary rapids of the Stanislaus River are back.

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