Friday, Sept. 30, 2016

'Snow drought'

Water year ends with an all-too-familiar dry, warm spell

Drought and Water Year 2016: Hot and Dry Conditions Continue. DWR


Department of Water Resources

California's 2016 Water Year draws to a close today, ending a fifth consecutive year marked by meager precipitation that fell more often as rain than snow. Record warm temperatures created an early and below-average runoff that was in large part absorbed by parched soil before ever reaching the state's reservoirs. These all-too-familiar dry, warming conditions have led state water officials to describe the situation as a "snow drought."


'Extensive' toxic algae bloom found in south Delta

Stockton Record

Tests have confirmed the presence of toxic cyanobacteria — also known as "blue-green algae" — in south Delta waterways, state officials said Thursday. The "extensive" bloom is present in Old River and Grantline Canal, along Fabian Tract not far from Tracy and Mountain House. It's just the latest such warning after a particularly nasty summer for water quality.


Protecting Big Sur: Is climate change a threat?

Mercury News

A group of scientists is trying to determine if climate change poses a threat to the iconic California Redwood. If it does, they say, Big Sur forests could be at ground zero. How forests and climate interact isn't quite clear. But an alliance of scientists has converged, and they're eager to examine coastal sustainability.

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